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 Production of railings

Sale of stainless steel elements


Stainless steel railings

 Stainless steel railings do not require special care, do not need to be repainted, do not rust. Stainless steel railings - durable. Could be combined with wooden handrailings, elements. Used in both outdoor and indoor interiors.
Prices from 95 eur / m

Glass roofs 

Roofs are installed on building facades above exterior doors, balconies, loggias, windows and shop windows. Roofs are made of tempered glass, tinted glass, policarbonate panels can also be used. In production using stainless steel parts.
Prices from 360 eur /pc.

Wooden railings

Modern wooden railings are composed with stainless steel elements. Perfect for all styles and design solutions. The wood can be painted or stained and adapted to the overall design as desired: steps, doors or furniture. Suitable for indoor use only.
Prices from 120 eur/m

Railings for the disabled

We produce railings for the disabled and ramps. Railings for the disabled meet all EU standards. Railings are made from black metal or stainless steel.
Prices from 120 eur/m

FAST FIX - stainless steel cable system

If standart railings fillers seem a bit boring to you, use the Easy fix® cable system. Up to 10m tensioned two-diameter cable blanks will diversify the design of your staircase or terrace.
Prices from 100 eur/m

French balconies

The French balcony is a fake balcony with a door that opens towards the railings. It is not only a decorative exterior element that gives elegance but also performs a safety function if there are small children in the house.
Prices from 150 eur/m


Glass railings

Glass railings can be of various shades and shapes, tonned, or with film. Glass railings are decorated with various drawings, carvings, colors, so the railings look luxurious and impressive.
Prices from 140 eur / m

Railings with LED lighting 

LED technology is one of the most popular and widely used recently. LED strips are most suitable for decorative lighting in the interior and exterior. The possibilities of use are very wide, so you are given the freedom to create as much lighting as you want.
Prices from 40 eur/m